Our Software Downloads
 Our current software is a free download for customers using apidloader Web Accelerator. If you would like to find out more about Rapidloader CLICK HERE. Other software or upgrades will be listed here when available.

File Name Type Size Date Information
rl_setup.dmg octet-stream 798 K 1/28/06 Rapidloader for Mac OS X
(Requires OS X 10.15 or higher)
rl_download.zip x-zip-compressed 1,222 K 1/28/06 Rapidloader ZIP file
(Runs on Win XP, ME or 98)
rapidloader_installer.exe octet-stream 1,234 K 1/28/06 Rapidloader Installer
(Runs on Win XP, ME or 98)
Windows PC: right click/save to download  •  Mac: control click/save to download







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